Arizona United

Player Appearance

Arizona United

Player Appearance

Player Appearance Guidelines:

Player and coach appearances are an essential part of Arizona United Soccer Club’s community outreach efforts and provide the team the opportunity to generate a positive impact throughout the Valley of the Sun. Giving back allows Arizona United Soccer Club to support a number of organizations.

General Guidelines:

  • No appearances are allowed on match days.
  • Appearances should last no longer than 120 minutes. Please consider driving time when submitting the request for an appearance.
  • Appearances should not begin earlier than 2:00 p.m. on training days (training typically occurs Monday through Friday).
  • A Arizona United Soccer Club staff member, intern and/or volunteer with attend every scheduled Arizona United SC appearance and will bring the appropriate items as needed (i.e., autographs pens, promotional items, banners) and will offer assistance when appropriate.

Arizona United Soccer Club will follow up with a phone call to all request received. Please allow at least one week for processing. Arizona United Soccer Club asks that telephone inquiries regarding appearance status are not made due to the high volume of request received. All appearance decisions made by Arizona United Soccer Club are final.

Arizona United Soccer Club reserves the right to cancel an appearance at any time due to a player/coach/family conflicts, emergencies, illness, traveling conflict etc.

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