Rob Valentino On Signing With Arizona United SC & Scottsdale Stadium

Posted on December 18, 2014 10:37 am by Arizona United Soccer Club Communications

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Thursday, December 18, 2014) – Arizona United Soccer Club defender Rob Valentino addressed the media following Arizona United SC’s stadium announcement on Tuesday.

Valentino’s thoughts are below…

(On signing with Arizona United SC, and now playing in Scottsdale…)

VALENTINO: “I’ve been describing it as my big kid dream come true. When I was a young kid I didn’t have the dream to be able to play professional soccer in my backyard, and now I do. It feels good to be home with my family and friends, and now to be in Scottsdale, it’s great. This is where I grew up playing with Sereno, and to be in my hometown right here in my backyard will be fun to play my professional games here.”

(On goals for the upcoming season and beyond…)

VALENTINO: “I’m just focused on this next season here in Scottsdale. We just want to focus on winning games. Coach Dellorusso, myself, and the players that are here have already talked about it.  We want to win. That will bring more fans in the stands, and I know people will buy into what we are doing here. We are going to play an attractive brand of soccer. We just want to win. We want to win at all costs. We want to advance the playoffs and hopefully push for championship trophies.”

(On the players signed to the roster….)

VALENTINO: “I’ve known some of these guys for a little while. I’ve known Brad for a couple of years now, and even in college we played against each other. It’s good to join sides with him. I’ve been training with Scott and Brad for a couple of weeks now. It’s been good to get to know them a little bit off the field. What the coaching staff and General Manager Kevin Stevenson have been doing is just going out and getting veteran guys who know the league a little bit. Guys who know what it is like to win, and know the tough growing days of this league. I think we will have a good core, and I think all of the other pieces that add to it will have a really good locker room. More importantly, they are looking for guys who play good soccer, and guys that are learners, but they are looking for good people. If you keep that in mind you will have a good team and a successful year.”